SPIKE™ Prime LEGO® Robotics Classes

 NOTE: All classes will have no refunds 2 weeks prior to the start of the class. No make-up classes will be held.

Introduction to LEGO®️ Robotics

This course is designed for 4th - 6th graders. We will use LEGO® SPIKE Prime kits for building and a scratch-based app for programming. The kids will learn to build, code, and move the robot, pick up/move objects, and create basic attachments for their robot. We will also go over some sensors in the kit, how to use them, a basic version of how the sensors work, and some real life examples and uses of these sensors.

At the end of class, kids will be ready to join a team to compete in an FLL robotics competition. 

Lesson Plan: 


Advanced LEGO®️ Robotics

This program is a more advanced version of the beginner's course in which students will build on top of what they have already learned and will understand how to build an advanced driving base and code it efficiently, reliably, and robustly, as well as build and design custom parts for their robots. COMPLETING the Introduction to LEGO®️ Robotics class is a necessary prerequisite to Intermediate LEGO®️ Robotics.

They will learn many new skills, such as the Engineering Desing Process and the Mission Strategy. They will also take their programming abilities to the next level by using advanced line follower patterns, gears. Finally, they will be completing much more complex missions on a higher-level mini-robotics competition by the end of the 7-week session.

This course is designed for 4th to 6th graders that will work in groups of 2-3 (perfect for friends who want to join together). We will still be using LEGO® SPIKE Prime kits for building and a scratch-based app for programming. By the end of this course, they will be ready to graduate to FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge!  We can assist people who are interested in starting a FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge team. If you are, please contact us at solvers.seattle@gmail.com.


All classes will be held somewhere near Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary in Sammamish, WA. Based on the class, they may be held at different locations. Exact locations will be given to you once you have signed up for that LEGO®️ Robotics course.